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Crown Maple Syrup Featured on NBC’s Today Show

It’s been quite an exciting couple of weeks for us here at Crown Maple Farm. First, we were featured on The Martha Stewart Show and this past Monday, it was Woman’s Day Magazine Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Mayhew telling the nation on NBC's Today Show about our pure maple syrup. Pinch me.

Crown Maple Syrup was featured on NBC's Today ShowElizabeth called our Dutchess County home “the perfect place weather-wise and climate-wise” for maple syrup and told Ann Curry and the audience about our “100% organic… absolutely delicious” light amber, medium amber and dark amber syrup. She even mentioned how we sustainably manage the farm. She was very kind.

Give Your Family, Friends and Clients The Royal Treatment; Send Crown Maple Syrup

‘Tis the season to treat your friends, family, and clients like royalty. Show your friends and family how much you care and your clients how thankful you are for their business with the newest addition to the Crown Maple store: our organic, pure maple syrup presented with The Royal Treatment.

Give the Gift of Crown Maple Syrup with the Royal TreatmentNow you can send Crown Maple Light Amber, Medium Amber, and Dark Amber syrup – or all 3! – in a regal Crown Signature Box complete with a personalized message card.

Find Crown Maple Syrup at Your Favorite Retailers and Restaurants

As word spreads about the pure, regal taste of Crown Maple Syrup, our light amber, medium amber and dark amber goodness is showing up on the menus at more fine restaurants and the shelves of an ever-increasing number of great specialty retailers.

Goodnight, Irene: All is Well in the Sugarbush

Whew! As Hurricane Irene winds its way down and into Canada, we’re all breathing a sigh of relief at Crown Maple Farm.

We spent Friday afternoon preparing for the worst; we:

  • Removed the evaporator steam stacks,
  • Moved all loose material into the Sugar House,
  • Re-shored all existing silt fences, and
  • Improved some existing erosion control measures.

With wind guests exceeding 60 mph, Irene made quite an impression. But in the end, we were spared any real damage or injuries. We do have a number of limbs down -- a little 'nature's pruning' -- but nothing major. We also had lots of water due to record rainfalls (more than 10 inches at nearby Hyde Park), but only experienced flooding of construction trenches, which is no problem at all. And although our power is out, it should be back on very soon. We’ve set up shop in Tamar’s family’s summer home just down the road; Tamar is in charge of Crown Maple’s Operations & Administration.

How We Bottle Crown Maple Syrup

Did you ever wonder how the purest maple syrup on Earth gets from barrel to bottle?

It really is a fascinating process, if I do say so myself!How we bottle Crown Maple Syrup

The process starts with one final check to make sure each bottle of our light amber, medium amber and dark amber certified organic maple syrup meets Crown Maple’s exacting standards for purity, color, sugar content, thickness and – above all -- taste. Here’s how we do it:

Crown Maple Syrup World Festival Tour Continues

This past Saturday my dad (Ken Travis), my brother Dylan and I enjoyed a great day at the Friend of the Farmer Festival located in Copake, NY. The festival was held on the grounds of the beautiful Copake Country Club and food lovers from all over the region came to support the local farmers, growers, and food producers.

The Crown Maple booth was continually surrounded by people eager to sample our pure maple syrup. Most were curious as to why there were three varieties, light amber, medium amber, and dark amber. Some of them were skeptical that there was an actual contrast in taste between the three. After savoring each kind, however, they were shocked at how distinctly different the flavor notes were.

Winning Crown Maple Syrup Converts at Brooklyn Flea's Smorgasburg -- One Taste at a Time

Nathan and I enjoyed another great Saturday at the Smorgasburg on the Brooklyn waterfront, where we were joined for a few hours by Lydia and Maddie Turner. It was a bright, beautiful day. Although it was very hot there was a nice turnout, and well over a hundred people stopped at our booth to sample our delicious Light Amber, Medium Amber and Dark Amber Crown Maple Syrup.

Smorgasburg Debut a Success!

Crown Maple Founder Robb Turner and Maddie at SmorgasburgLast Saturday, my dad (Robb Turner) and I met Nathan at the Smorgasburg at the Brooklyn flea market to sell some of our Crown Maple Syrup. When my dad and I first arrived, Nathan had the tent all set up. He had shot glasses set up with dark, medium, and light amber syrup in each of them for people to try.

I walked around the market and looked at all the stands that were set up. There were some really interesting stands such as a Vietnamese noodle stand, a vegan bakery, a smoothie place, and a doughnut stand.

I was a little nervous at first because I saw that a lot of the stands were selling prepared foods such as baked goods, drinks, and sandwiches that people could eat. I did not think people would be willing to try straight up maple syrup and would not pay much mind to our product.

First Syrup Bottled and Ready – We’ll Start Selling Any Day Now

I feel like the Dunkin Donuts man – remember him? But instead of, “time to make the donuts,” it’s “time to make the syrup.” Or, rather, time to get everything else done after making the syrup.

We have bottled the first 1,800 12 oz. bottles of the purest maple syrup on Earth. That’s four barrels worth: one light amber, two medium amber and one dark amber.

After that, we let the bottles sit inverted overnight to sanitize the caps. Then comes shrink wrapping the bottle tops, labeling, attaching hang tags and boxing.

It's mind-boggling to consider all that goes into getting our pure maple syrup ready to sell. Every supplier we work with and every aspect of the production process is specialized. For example, the labeling is kind of a cool process. The labels come pre-printed and pre-glued on a roll that goes into a special machine that only applies the labels. The labeler applies the front label, spins the bottle, then applies the back label.

The bottles look great, our website team is running some final tests and it looks like we’ll be ready to sell Crown Maple Syrup online any day now. Thanks for your patience -- I promise it will be worth the wait.

Crown Maple Mid-Season Report

Production is going along pretty well. We’ve made 47 barrels of Crown Maple Syrup and, so far, it’s all light and medium amber. The sap has been incredibly consistent, with a sugar count averaging 2.1 Brix. (For an explanation of Brix, please see the March 7 posting “From Sap to Syrup.”)

As we get into mid-season and the average temperature start to rise, the chemistry of the sap begins to change. It gets thicker. We just added a larger sugar press which is ideal for this thicker sap well and also gives us more capacity.

These days, we typically start collecting sap around noon. Most of it is pumped up to the processing facility automatically, but in two locations we have collect the sap manually. About 3:00 in the afternoon we turn on the reverse osmosis system and remove about 85% of the water. We’re left with concentrate that has a Brix count of about 16.

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