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Crown Maple Debuts at Famous (and Fabulous) New York Restaurants: Per Se & Vinegar Hill House

I am proud to say Crown Maple Syrup is now being cooked with and served at what I consider the greatest restaurant in New York, if not the country, Thomas Keller’s Per Se, and my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn, Vinegar Hill House.

Though they are both fantastic restaurants, they could not be more different in style and presentation. I suppose it is because of these differences that I am so happy Crown Maple has the honor of being served by both.

Per Se to me is the culmination of everything that a restaurant can be if there are no boundaries. Per Se consistently achieves the closest thing to culinary perfection that you could imagine. Having both worked and dined there, I can honestly say there is no other restaurant that can compare; it simply is in a category all by itself. Excellence is not only expected but constantly achieved: in service, food, and the quality of products used to create memories that never fade. Just when you think the bar of near perfection can’t be raised any higher, the chefs and service team at Per Se do just that – every single day. It is that same desire to be better and create something great that drives us at Crown Maple. We are never satisfied with something that is merely good. Our goal is to every day push ourselves just a little bit harder to reach that elusive goal of creating a perfect product.

And that brings me to Vinegar Hill House. I have dined at this establishment more than any other restaurant in New York. I keep going back for reasons that comprise the ideal of why we all go out to eat… comfort, cheerfulness, warmth, and above all else consistently soul-satisfying and delicious cuisine. The setting and surroundings are more humble and less elevated than that of Per Se, and yet I am glad for this; each serves to satisfy a certain mood. Do not let this fool you, though. The staff at Vinegar Hill House takes their ingredients and the preparation of them very seriously. Although always comforting, the dishes served here very often surprise with their creativity and approach to presenting a different spin on ingredients you thought you knew. I have never left this restaurant unsatisfied which, considering the number of times I have eaten a meal there, is truly saying something.

I am honored and thrilled that Crown Maple Syrup is now served at both of these great establishments. Please visit them both and tell them Nathan from Crown Maple sent you.

Don’t forget, you can now serve the same certified organic, 100% pure maple syrup at your table that they serve at Per Se and Vinegar Hill House by ordering a bottle or three from our Crown Maple Store.

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