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Goodnight, Irene: All is Well in the Sugarbush

Whew! As Hurricane Irene winds its way down and into Canada, we’re all breathing a sigh of relief at Crown Maple Farm.

We spent Friday afternoon preparing for the worst; we:

  • Removed the evaporator steam stacks,
  • Moved all loose material into the Sugar House,
  • Re-shored all existing silt fences, and
  • Improved some existing erosion control measures.

With wind guests exceeding 60 mph, Irene made quite an impression. But in the end, we were spared any real damage or injuries. We do have a number of limbs down -- a little 'nature's pruning' -- but nothing major. We also had lots of water due to record rainfalls (more than 10 inches at nearby Hyde Park), but only experienced flooding of construction trenches, which is no problem at all. And although our power is out, it should be back on very soon. We’ve set up shop in Tamar’s family’s summer home just down the road; Tamar is in charge of Crown Maple’s Operations & Administration.

Unfortunately, the town of Dover Plains did not fare as well; several roads were washed out. We hope everything returns to normal quickly for all our neighbors and friends. For us, it's back to bottling our pure maple syrup and getting ready for the next sap season.

Shipping of online orders of our Light Amber, Medium Amber and Dark Amber Crown Maple Syrup might be delayed a day or two (tops) while operations return to normal, but we'll be back to normal later this week.

Good night, Irene!

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