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Let the Tapping Begin! Madava Farms Prepares for Sap Season

Things are really getting hectic at Madava Farms right now as we prepare for our favorite time of year - tapping season. Everything from equipment to plans are being checked over twice to ensure things will run smoothly when the sap really begins to flow. Right now we’re experiencing a short warm spell that is actually helping to prime the trees. This is always a stressful time for sugar makers – do we tap now or wait?

Tapping season has arrived at Madava Farms, home of Crown Maple SyrupOur production goals each year depend upon the sugar content of the sap we will receive. Good, hard freezes help raise the sugar content, while menial ones do not produce as much. An average to great year will yield us between a quart and a ½ gallon of finished product per taphole. With the increase in our sales this year thanks to our visitors and customers, we will need every drop. If things go as planned, we will completely be tapped out in a quick 2 ½ weeks.

Thanks to the extra sunshine, we have decided to wait until this week to begin our tapping, and make sure we let this warm spell slide by. The forecast is for cooler temperatures coming in – finally!

This year also brings the advent of a satellite operation off-property, just south of us. We hope it will start a bit sooner than the main operation here at Madava Farms, extending our sugar season a bit more. This will be an exciting year for us as we continue to grow rapidly.

If you'd like a real treat, make sure you order some of the first-run syrup off the evaporator this year. We sugar makers know “first-run" is always the best, and sure to make your baked goods, glazed meats and cocktails even better.

Let the games begin!

Colin Christie is the Director of Maple Operations at Crown Maple. His responsibilities include all facets of production from tree to barrel. Colin started tapping trees in his backyard and producing syrup on a small scale in 1969 and has produced maple syrup commercially for over 30 years.

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