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More than 6,000 Gallons of the Purest Maple Syrup on Earth in the Barrel

We’ve just filled our 106th barrel, which means we’ve processed more than 6,000 gallons of the purest maple syrup on earth! We’re on our way to meeting our goal of 7,000 gallons for our first season.

Heading into the final quarter of the season, I’m happy to report we’ve just had a cold snap. That’s good news because cool temperatures, followed by warmer weather, keeps the sap flowing. For example, last week we collected 11,000 gallons of sap in one day. We’ve got at least a week left of good weather and we may even be collecting sap at least through this first week of April.

Lately the sap has been staying fairly stable at about 1 Brix. (Brix is a measurement of the fraction of sugar per hundred parts aqueous solution.) When the sap comes in, it runs through two reverse osmosis (RO) units. The first unit increases the concentrate to about 10 ½ - 11 Brix; after it’s gone through the second RO unit, we’re getting about 21 to 22 Brix. And we’re turning the sap we’re getting into mostly medium amber syrup, although we have also processed 3 dark amber barrels. 

I’m off to check on the activities of the day...

From the Farm Blog

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