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New Cork Tops Distinctive Crown Maple Bottles

Bottles of Crown Maple Syrup now feature a new, synthetic cork specially designed for easier opening and resealing. Credit for the new cork goes to our customers who suggested the idea along with other great feedback we’ve received through our website and Facebook pages.

New Cork Tops Distinctive Crown Maple BottlesSome customers told us they experienced trouble reopening our bottles after storing them in the refrigerator (where all pure maple syrup should be stored after opening). In addition to opening more smoothly, the new cork is stronger and shorter to eliminate the potential for breakage that can happen with the original, natural corks.

If you have trouble reopening your Crown Maple Syrup, here are a couple of tips:

  • Run the top of the bottle and cork under hot water to loosen up the syrup that can crystallize and harden around the cork. Then, loosen the cork gently.
  • When resealing the bottle, only push the cork in enough so it fits snugly.

If you have a bottle(s) with the original cork and would like to try our new tops, please send an email to with your mailing address and the number of corks you’d like replaced. We’ll send the replacements right out as our way of saying thanks for choosing Crown Maple Syrup and for sharing your feedback about the purest maple syrup on Earth.

If you have more feedback to share, we’d love to hear it. Please use our Contact Form or visit us on Facebook or Twitter (@crownmaple).

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