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Nor'easter Brings a Foot of October Snow to Crown Maple Farm

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the Nor'easter that blew through and buried parts of the mid-Atlantic and New England states under more than two feet of snow – it left millions without power, and we’re no exception here at Crown Maple Farm in Dutchess County, NY where we had a foot of the white stuff. The County has declared a state of emergency, and the governors of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts have done the same.

Things here are fine, though, all things considered, and we hope all of our neighbors are doing ok as well. The good news is the sugarhouse stayed warm due to the building’s insulation and radiant floor heating and now our back-up generator is running. The bad news is the phones and the Internet are down; if you call today you'll probably get our voice mail, but we're checking constantly. We're also still processing orders for our friends looking to buy pure maple syrup through our online store.

Fortunately, the leaves were off our sugar and red maples -- just barely. They dropped about a week ago so the maples were largely undamaged by the storm. Some of the oak and beechwood trees in the area didn't fare as well since they still have most of their leaves to help hold the heavy snow.

I'm sure we have a few downed branches on our sap collection lines, but our network is designed to handle it. The tie-back wires we use to support the main lines actually give way when weight from a downed limb lands before the line is damaged.

Our lateral lines are made of pliable plastic so they spring right back. I toured the outside perimeter of the Farm and couldn't see much damage; we'll probably find more as we continue our pre-season maintenance work that we're just beginning, but that's just part of life when you produce pure maple syrup.

The snow actually helps the maple trees and sap production. Any time you get more moisture into the ground before the season changes, it helps the natural restoration cycle of the maple trees.

Happy Halloween, by the way, from snowy Crown Maple Farm!

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