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Raspberry Fields Forever

RaspberriesWhen you're lucky enough to have access to an 800-acre wooded playground, surprises are around every bend. A few weeks ago Madava's farmer, Scott Boggs, and I hopped on ATVs to run up to the property's highest elevation, Mount Tom Stein. Over the roar of the motors he shouted for us to stop, having spied a sweet surprise hidden on the hillside: wild black raspberries. Not your typical farmer's market fare, this rare native variety features an intense black color, amazing scent and thorns that are no joke. They typically ripen about a month before their more well-known scarlet cousins and most commonly thrive in outer pockets of forest here in the Northeast.

RaspberriesScott and I weren't the only ones who noticed the available feast. Visible tracks proved that even Madava's bears share our appreciation for fine culinary experiences. The berries were so abundant I picked nearly four gallons to take home to Lydia and the girls. Despite the scrapes and scratches, I went back a few days later, literally armed with long sleeves. In a matter of hours from bush to table, Lydia transformed our efforts into a ridiculously delicious Wild Black Raspberry Coffee Cake. It didn't last long.

From the Farm Blog

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