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Smorgasburg Debut a Success!

Crown Maple Founder Robb Turner and Maddie at SmorgasburgLast Saturday, my dad (Robb Turner) and I met Nathan at the Smorgasburg at the Brooklyn flea market to sell some of our Crown Maple Syrup. When my dad and I first arrived, Nathan had the tent all set up. He had shot glasses set up with dark, medium, and light amber syrup in each of them for people to try.

I walked around the market and looked at all the stands that were set up. There were some really interesting stands such as a Vietnamese noodle stand, a vegan bakery, a smoothie place, and a doughnut stand.

I was a little nervous at first because I saw that a lot of the stands were selling prepared foods such as baked goods, drinks, and sandwiches that people could eat. I did not think people would be willing to try straight up maple syrup and would not pay much mind to our product.

Crown Maple Sryup tent at SmorgasburgTo my surprise, our stand was quite a hit! My dad even had to run to a local CVS pharmacy because we used all 400 of the shot glasses Nathan brought! A lot of people were definitely a little hesitant to just drink the maple syrup. However, once they tried it, they loved it! There was this one lady from Connecticut who was really skeptical about trying our syrup and pondered for a while. Once she tried it, she loved it and even tried all three different varieties (light, medium, and dark)!

I found it interesting to see people’s reactions to the different varieties. All three are very good but different. At the table we had a brochure with Nathan’s tasting notes from the website. My dad would ask people to read the tasting notes and they would say “Yea, I can taste that.” I also found it interesting when experienced chefs and bakers would come and try to match the right syrup to their recipes. I remember one man was deciding between the medium and the dark grades for his pecan pie (I think he chose the dark amber but my mom thinks he should have chosen the light amber).

The market was definitely a success! We sold quite a few bottles and got a lot of exposure. I look forward to the next time I accompany the guys to the market!


Keep it up Madd! I loved reading your blog! Miss and love you!


wow Maddie!!! I liked reading your blog. Good job!!!
Keep it up and I'm glad you had fun and that you had a special time with your Dad!
Love you,
Aunt Leanne

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