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Tapping into our Second Season at Crown Maple

The sap is running early this year and our field teams are working quickly to finish tapping as we enter our second maple syrup production season at Crown Maple Farm.

So far, more than 23,000 taps have been installed and we won’t stop until we reach 30,000 taps in place, making Crown Maple the leading maple syrup producer in New York. While we’re thrilled to have become one of New York’s largest, our primary focus continues to be producing the purest maple syrup on Earth.

Due to the incredible response following the debut of Crown Maple Syrup last year, we’ve set an ambitious goal for 2012 maple syrup production: 14,000 gallons. That’s twice the amount produced in 2011. To reach this quantity we’ve opened up an exciting new section of Crown Maple Farm called Blueberry Hill Field. Located at a higher mountain altitude, this land was once home to a blueberry farm. Now wild blueberries cover the area, along with the nearly 10,000 trees on Blueberry Hill that have received small, temporary 5/16th-inch tap holes that close up and seal within 3 weeks after removal at season’s end. Preserving the health and integrity of the land in our care is always top of mind.

One of two new permanent collection houses used for maple syrup production at Crown Maple FarmOnce in our taps, the sap’s trip to the sugarhouse has been made more efficient this season by big improvements made to our collection stations. Two permanent structures now house the pumps used to pull sap through Crown Maple’s network of 900,000 lineal feet of plastic tubing and collection lines – or about 170 miles! By journey’s end, the sap from any one tree travels up to two miles to reach our sugarhouse, all without being exposed to dirt and debris from the forest.

It’s shaping up to be a great season for Crown Maple. In my next post, I’ll fill you in on all the activities going on inside the sugarhouse.

Thanks to our friends at Dutchess Overhead Doors for sharing the above photo of one of our new collection houses. They also provide beautiful doors for the buildings at the Farm.

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