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Tribute To Our Friend Mike Greason

Mike Greason was our forester when Lydia and I started the farm. He walked the land with me, he taught me a lot about sustainable forestry and he gave me many ideas on how to promote the health of my forest and fauna. He was very excited about a large land owner tapping maple trees while practicing sustainable forestry and thought it could be a great way to promote both industries in NY state. 

In October 2010, I took my last walk in the woods with Mike. I remember asking him about his 40-year career in forestry and he said, “There is nowhere I’d rather be than in the woods. I hope I can do this 'til the day I die.”  

I just emailed him on March 8th to tell him “the sap is running hard now and all the planning is now being put into action. Time to make a trip down to Dover Plains and see the operation. We’re excited for you to come down.” 

On March 9, 2011, Mike was in the woods doing his thing and collapsed. He passed away. We only knew Mike for a short time but he had a big impact on us. We miss him. I’m sad he never made that next trip to our farm but get some solace from the fact that he passed away doing what he loved. 

Our thoughts are with his family.  


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