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Winning Crown Maple Syrup Converts at Brooklyn Flea's Smorgasburg -- One Taste at a Time

Nathan and I enjoyed another great Saturday at the Smorgasburg on the Brooklyn waterfront, where we were joined for a few hours by Lydia and Maddie Turner. It was a bright, beautiful day. Although it was very hot there was a nice turnout, and well over a hundred people stopped at our booth to sample our delicious Light Amber, Medium Amber and Dark Amber Crown Maple Syrup.

It’s wonderful to see people’s faces light up at our tastings. Their shoulders relax, they Tasting Crown Maple Syrup at Smorgasburg puts a smile on everyone's facesmile, they laugh…the effect is almost like magic! While we put just a little bit in each cup, people are often surprised when we ask if they would like a taste of maple syrup. They’re not used to trying pure maple syrup without pouring it over something else. Still, once they take a little sip, they’re ready for more, and almost everybody tastes all three grades to see which they like best. When they taste them one after another, people are astonished at how much difference there is in the flavors from one grade to the next, and they often have to re-taste before they can settle on a favorite.

As always, people were amazed by the flavor and quality. We even had one woman tell us that she usually doesn’t like maple syrup, but she thought ours was wonderful. Her favorite was Light Amber while her companion preferred Dark Amber. We had many conversations about different ways to use for maple syrup. For simpler treats, I shared my personal favorites: Light Amber over French vanilla ice cream; Medium Amber mixed with sliced strawberries, straight or as a topping for my sister’s lemon pound cake, and Dark Amber as an ideal natural sweetener in coffee. People were very interested to learn about the pure maple syrup recipe ideas on our website and I encouraged them to submit their own recipes for our contest. They loved the idea of having a chance to win a Trio!

A lot of families come to the Smorgasburg, and I especially love to see the expressions on children’s faces when they get a sip of Crown Maple Syrup. My other favorite thing is to see the reactions of people who come from other syrup-producing areas, like Canada and Vermont. So many people are surprised by the excellent quality that we’re producing right here in New York State.

Visitors to the Smorgasburg come from all over! There were plenty of locals there, but we also met Americans who had traveled from states ranging from Maine to Washington. International visitors hailed from Canada, Brazil, Italy, France, and Japan, to name a few. By the end of the day they all had one thing in common – everyone agreed that Crown Maple Syrup tastes superb!

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