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Crown Maple Syrup to Appear on The Martha Stewart Show

I had a great day yesterday. My sister Jessica and I were invited to the set of The Martha Stewart Show to watch a taping of her Nov. 30th episode that, among other things, featured Crown Maple Syrup! For a new company like ours, this was a very big deal.

The show’s producers were kind enough to seat us in the front row where we had a great view of how they put the show together. The set was amazing, with every inch decked out in a rich fall theme with colors and props. Not a detail was missing as you might expect from anything Martha touches.

I told Robb after the taping that I missed my calling in life. I would love to have a set like that to decorate and cook in! Although I don’t think I’d ever want to actually be on camera…

The show had a really creative “sticky” theme and the best part came when Martha made a Sticky Toffee Pudding that looked fabulous. This English dessert is actually a spongy, carmelized cake that must be served warm. The recipe called for pure maple syrup and Martha used Crown Maple Medium Amber Syrup in both the cake base as well as the topping. I can’t wait to try it at home with my family.

Martha was very kind and spoke highly of our syrup calling it “really quite good” and pointing out that Crown Maple is from Dutchess County. She even liked our bottles! When she announced that everyone in the audience would receive a bottle, I was so proud and humbled to think about all that has happened with Crown Maple in our first year.

I’ll share the recipe when it’s available either here on in our Crown Maple Recipes section or through a link to The Martha Stewart Show. Also, watch for us on her November 30th show.


Congrats! This sounds like a wonderful experience!!

Congrats to the Crown Maple Syrup family. This must have been an exciting experience. You guys should be very proud of your accomplishments in such a short time. Keep up the hard work and good luck.

How exciting for the Turners, Crown Maple, and Jess! Can't wait to hear all about the details! Any chance that Thanksgiving dinner will highlight some of these specialties I've been reading about? They all sound so very delicious!

How awesome, girls! I can't wait to see the episode and try the recipe too. I'm sure it is delicious being that it is made of the finest ingredients and the best syrup on the planet!

Lydia and I had a wonderful day visiting the Martha Stewart Studio on Wednesday, October 19th. We learned alot about how an episode is made and just all the little things that go into the making of a show. Everyone there was very friendly, courteous, and helpful. The segment on Crown Maple was well worth the trip. To be able to see your own product on National TV is just amazing. It was exciting to tell people that Lydia and Robb are the owners and being realted to them was an added bonus for me.

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