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Make These Maple Syrup Recipes Your New Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – the weather is usually fairly good and there’s no dealing with gift giving.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yoursLike many of you, we’re headed over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house for a big family Thanksgiving. My parents host the holiday at their home in Pennsylvania – there will be about 20 of us all together. My parents are amazing cooks. We start about 4:00 p.m. and sit around the table and eat all day, finishing with lots of great desserts.

Of course, our meal will feature a lot of delicious dishes made from recipes using pure maple syrup from Crown Maple.

My sister does most of the baking for Thanksgiving; this year she’s making apple streusel and pumpkin pie with Crown Maple Light Amber syrup. The recipes are below in case you’d like to try them, too – who knows, they may become part of your family’s Thanksgiving tradition.

My father bakes his own breads, cooks a lot of the fixings and roasts the turkey, which, according to my parents, cannot be prepared any differently than dad’s been doing it for many years. We always have stuffing made from the old cracker recipe my Polish grandmother used to make.

I usually make homemade applesauce – made with our Medium Amber Syrup – as well as some vegetables. I make sweet potatoes (using our organic maple syrup, as well as brown sugar and butter), pearl onions with roasted Brussels sprouts, green beans with almonds, and lots and lots of corn for the kids.

Our table will look very festive using the small bottles you can get in our Crown Maple Petite Trio as name tags for everybody’s place setting.

After we eat, everybody just hangs out until late at night. It really is a time to be thankful for family and good food. Happy Thanksgiving – from our family to yours!


The recipes I mentioned above all come from one of my favorite recipe Websites,

Maple Pumpkin Pie

Maple-Apple Pie with Walnut Streusel


The countdown begins! Only three more hours until we get to try your delicious new recipes all made with Crown Maple! Can't wait to see you, Rob, the girls and the whole crew!

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