Crafting Crown Maple Syrup

Crown Maple Syrup may be the purest, highest quality syrup you can buy because every step of the process – from tree to table – is painstakingly controlled to meet our exacting standards.

Our Trees

Crown Maple® Syrup is crafted from the sap produced by 25,000 majestic sugar and red maple trees on our 800-acre sustainably managed estate. These varieties produce the sweetest sap on the planet and, combined with the temperature and terroir of the Hudson River Valley, make it possible for Crown Maple to produce our regal syrup.

There are typically only about 20 prime sap days in a season and they generally begin in mid-February when temperatures in the Hudson Valley climb into the 40s during the day and dip to below freezing at night. This temperature fluctuation creates pressure inside the maples that naturally forces out the sap.

Tapping the Trees

In December and January, the Crown Maple production team goes into the sugarbush – often on snowshoes – to place one or two taps in each tree depending on its size. We strive to make the smallest impact possible on our trees by using a 1/4" bit when tapping our trees. After the harvest is concluded, this opening will begin to heal immediately and seal completely in 9-12 months.

Preparing the Sap

It takes between 40-50 gallons of sap to make a gallon of pure maple syrup and we begin this process the same day the sap is collected so it’s as fresh as possible.

We use a unique Reverse Osmosis unit that quickly and efficiently removes up to 90 percent of the water and produces a concentrate with the precise sugar content (measured in Brix) required for the next stage of our process. Using reverse osmosis to remove most of the water is far superior because it protects the delicate sap from prolonged exposure to heat which causes burning and excess caramelization.

Processing the Concentrate

The concentrate is pumped into a custom-made, three-stage Evaporator that is one of the largest and most energy-efficient ever built. The unit allows us to precisely control the temperature and give us the most even heat distribution across the Finishing and Flue pans. This allows us to remove the remaining excess water and produce a maple syrup with a sugar content of between 66 and 68 brix at the time of barreling. Producing the maple syrup quickly allows us to control the natural carmelization process and craft a delicate, light amber syrup. The process also uses less energy.

The hot syrup (218 degrees) is twice-filtered with a special filtering medium and a Syrup Press to meet Crown Maple’s stringent purity standards before being pumped into 55-gallon barrels for storage until bottling. For good measure, we test and sample the maple syrup for consistency when each barrel is ¼ full and then again when it’s topped off and label it with sugar count, color grade and date produced.

Crafting and Bottling Crown Maple Syrup

Crown Maple artisans complete the process by barreling, testing, sampling and grading our regal Crown Maple Syrup as either Light Amber, Medium Amber or Dark Amber -- each with its own distinct taste profile. Then it’s off to bottling and on to your table – where the journey of the purest, highest quality syrup on Earth happily concludes.

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