Baked Salmon Fillet with Maple Black Pepper Glaze

By Robert Strickstein, Rhinebeck, NY

Simple. Delicious in the oven or even better on the grill.


Salmon Fillet
Course Ground Black Pepper
Maple Syrup
Soy Sauce


Marinate the Salmon: Grind black pepper coarse and press into meaty side of salmon fillet. In a flat dish (that will hold all the fillets comfortably) pour about 1/4" of maple syrup. Add a dash or two of soy sauce and mix together. Lay the salmon fillet skin side up into the marinade and let rest for several hours.

To Bake: Heat your oven or grill very hot (400 degrees). Place your salmon fillet on a flat pan and bake 20 minutes until the meat starts to flake.

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