Cedar Planked Maple Marinated King Salmon

By Mike Vitiello, New Canaan, CT

King salmon filet,marinated in Crown Maple B syrup with Lite soy sauce and Yuzo vinegar.Roasted on cedar plank.Finished with a maple,cider vinegar gastrique and Mache


1 King salmon filet,2.5pounds
1 cup Crown Maple "B"
1 cup lite soy sauce
1 cup Yuzo vinegar
1/2 cup Crown Maple "B"
1/4 cup cider vinegar


1. Combine syrup, soy and Yuzo.Place over salmon filet. Cover in plastic. Marinate 24 hours,turning once 12 hours. Soak cedar planks.
2. For Gastric, combine Crown Maple "B" and cider vinegar, bring to boil reduce to med heat reduce by 1/3.
3. Place on cedar plank, place on grill, heat till plank starts to char, finish in oven 350 for 25 minutes, longer if desired more done. Let cool 15 min when done.
4. Slice, drizzle gastric over top, garnish with Mache.

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