Eleven Things You May Not Know About Crown Maple

  1. The home of Crown Maple, Madava Farms, is named after owners Robb and Lydia Turner’s daughters, Maddie and Ava.
  2. It takes roughly 40-50 gallons of sap to create 1 gallon of syrup.
  3. There are over 25,000 maple trees at Madava Farms.
  4. Crown Maple’s taste profile is a function of the purification process, which leads to a longer shelf life.
  5. The Crown Maple production process—from bark to barrel—takes just under 18 hours.
  6. There are usually only 20-25 production days during the maple harvest season.
  7. Crown Maple has approximately 250 miles worth of maple tubing.
  8. The amount of different syrup types (Golden, Amber, Dark & Very Dark) varies from season to season, and there is no way to know what type of syrup it will be until the sap is processed.
  9. One tree can give up to 1 gallon of sap (which is 98% water) per day.
  10. Crown Maple’s staff individually taste tests each barrel to determine its best use.
  11. Crown Maple is gluten-free, certified organic and contains no GMO’s or preservatives. 

Seven Alternate Uses For Maple

  1. Don't let leftover berries or cherries go to rot in the fridge.  Place them in a glass jar and fill 2/3rds full with your favorite spirit and 1/3 maple syrup.  Store in the fridge and enjoy in your next cocktail, cake or nibble.
  2. Leftover coffee? Save that delicious microlot brew with a little maple and enjoy the next day over ice.  Crown Maple will keep your coffee from losing its luster and give you the sweet boost for the morning.
  3. Get the kids to eat their veggies.  Toss a little Crown Maple over carrots and greens to get the little ones munching.
  4. Oops!  A little too much salt?  Don't throw away tonight's dinner, balance it away with a tablespoon of Crown Maple and a couple drops of bitters.  
  5. Is your freshly baked cake or bread dry?  Soak with crown maple to sweetly hydrate your cake back to life.  3/4 cup crown maple, 1/4 cup water, mix and brush onto baked good until well soaked.
  6. Not the mixologist you thought you were...  Add a little crown maple to bring back the balance to a mixed cocktail and sooth out the harshness of whiskey or other spirit.
  7. Tomatoes out of season for your tomato sauce?  Add crown maple to bring the zest back to tomatoes.