Crown Maple Products

Crown Maple Trio

The Crown Maple Trio offers a full sized, premium assortment of pure maple syrup. Ideal for cooking, baking and cocktails, three bottles (1-Amber Color and Rich Taste, 1-Dark Color and Robust Taste and 1-Very Dark Color and Strong Taste, ) of Crown Maple Grade A Syrup are handsomely packaged in our signature Royal Treatment box. 

Discover your favorite uses for each unique taste profile. Perhaps you'll use our Amber Color and Rich Taste pure maple syrup to drizzle over a warm dessert or Dark Color and Robust Taste for baking and pancakes. Maybe you'll become hooked on our Very Dark Color and Strong Taste as a delicious alternative to sugar for your coffee or as the sweetening agent to balance out your favorite cocktail. Stretch your maple palate and let the experimenting begin.


3 bottles (375 mL ea)
Price: $59.95