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Cooler Condiments: New Uses For Maple Syrup - Taking a Breakfast Staple Beyond Pancakes

Food Republic - October 21, 2011

It goes without saying that not all maple syrups are equal. And we're not even talking about the difference between Grade A Medium Amber and the factory-grade dark stuff found on most grocery store shelves. Our taste buds have come a long way since childhood breakfasts of Eggo waffles brimming with Aunt Jemima's sugary-sweet stuff in every pocket, but amongst the crop of all-natural, better-quality maple syrups, there are major differences in taste as well.

While Vermont is usually credited for being the maple syrup state, Crown Maple Farm recently put New York’s Dutchess County on the map (and that was before Sen. Chuck Schumer made a losing bet on the Yankees involving the syrup). Crown Maple's organic syrup is produced through reverse osmosis, a method that protects the sap from prolonged exposure to heat, thus resulting in the purest flavor. Its reverse osmosis machinery is currently the only of its kind here in the U.S.

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