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The Finest Artisan Maple Syrup at Dutchess County, NY's Crown Maple (Video) - November 28, 2012

You might not realize it, but when you buy maple syrup, you most likely don't know where it came from. Sure, it might be labeled "Vermont," "Canadian," or whatever . . . but due to quirks in the law, the syrup can be harvested at one place and processed somewhere else, much like oil. That is, with a very important exception: Dutchess County, New York's Crown Maple.

Crown Maple, part of Madava Farms, is owned by Robb and Lydia Turner. Robb is a very successful venture capitalist who bought the property as a gorgeous homestead for his family. Serendipitously, it had 100 year old sugar and red maple trees. He has kept his property sustainable and decided to make and sell maple syrup. When Robb Turner decides to do something, it's first class all the way. I'm glad I was hosted to be able to experience it!

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