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Sweetness on Tap

Vegetarian Times - March 2012

The March issue of Vegetarian Times features an interview with Crown Maple co-founders Robb and Lydia Turner in which they share how Crown Maple sustainably produces our organic, pure maple syrup and how the Hudson Valley's unique terroir -- or climate and soil conditions -- contribute to Crown Maple Syrup's distinct taste.

VT: What makes your harvesting of maple sap sustainable? How can you be sure that tapping doesn’t harm the tree?

Robb: Our harvesting of sap is basically a more advanced version of how the Iroquois tapped trees hundreds of years ago. We use a sophisticated system that collects sap under pressurized lines; the system works with a 5/16-inch tap, and the small hole seals over quickly after sap season. We’re careful not to put too many taps in any single tree. We also clean our lines to prevent bacteria from harming our trees.

Lydia: Foresters estimate that our process is so gentle that we could collect sap from the same trees for as many as 300 years.

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