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Make an uncommon impression with the distinctive Crown Maple Amber Color Rich Taste 375ML (12.7 FL OZ) organic, 100% pure maple syrup bottle in an elegant Royal Treatment box with your choice of our signature ORANGE band or HAPPY HOLIDAYS RED band.

The aromas and flavors of gingerbread, roasted chestnut, toffee, and a hint of clove and nutmeg, are showcased in Crown Maple Amber Color Rich Taste organic, pure maple syrup which presents a medium-body feel with a depth of luxurious flavors.


• Sweeten black teas and lightly roasted coffees

• Glaze pork tenderloin, chicken, and swordfish

• Use in marinades and sauces for chicken wings

• Caramelize roasted Brussels sprouts and root vegetables

• Add complex sweetness to spiced nuts

• Cocktails with more robust spirits such as a Mint Julep or Maple-tini

Crown Maple® Amber Color Rich Taste Organic Maple Syrup in 375ML (12. 7 FL OZ) R

SKU: MB-12_Ea
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