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The home of Crown Maple, Madava Farms is situated on 800 acres of pristine, sustainably managed land in Dutchess County, New York, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Less than 80 miles from New York City, its century-old sugar and red maples have ideal terroir and seasonal weather conditions to produce a superior sap for maple sugaring. It is also home to the most advanced maple syrup production facility in the country, where the pure sap collected from the eco-friendly maple groves meets the latest in green, organic production techniques to produce a distinct and versatile product. Madava Farms offers many vistas from which to enjoy breathtaking seasonal colors and views across the Hudson and Harlem Valleys, and is a unique experience open to the public, offering tours, gourmet culinary experiences from in-house chefs, hikes, picnics and more.

On our tasting tour you’ll trace the miles-long journey our organic maple sap travels in a day from tree to barrel, and go behind the scenes to learn about the environmental variables and artisan practices that make pure maple syrup one of the earth’s sweetest natural resources and how Crown Maple produces our truly exceptional maple products.This popular 35-45 minute sweet tour culminates in a guided 4 stage tasting in our Tap Holed Maple Tasting Room, which offers a full view into Crown Maple’s hand bottling and sugar making operations.

You are also invited to savor a chef-prepared, farm to table lunch at The Farm Stand, Madava's eclectic eatery and market. Each week's menu features seasonal ingredients from local farm partners. Specialty desserts made with Crown Maple make an ideal ending to a casual meal.  Expand your palate with a drink from our curated collection of craft brews and wine. You can also take home Crown Maple Syrup & Crown Maple Sugar, along with other chef-made speciality items designed to delight and inspire, including special Crown Maple products available only at Madava Farms.

Whether you are joining us for one of our many Special Events or just stopping in for a weekend tour and tasting, a visit to Madava Farms experience is, much like our products - a maple experience like no other. 




Tours and Tastings
Tours and Tastings

Take a popular 60-minute tour offering a full view into Crown Maple’s hand bottling and sugar making operations.

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