Group Tours


As part of a package tour of the best of the Hudson Valley, or as a single-destination group excursion, we invite groups of 20 or more to visit as part of our Groups Culinary Tour Program, and taste why Crown Maple sets the standard of excellence in maple, from our taps to your table. 

Our maple experts trace the miles-long journey the raw maple sap travels in a day as it makes its way from forest to barrel, all without exposure to the outside elements.  Groups see the full state-of-the-art facility, learn first-hand about the unique variables and artisan practices that make pure maple syrup one of the earth's most precious natural products and how Crown Maple creates a maple that is truly a defining ingredient. 

Each tour culminates in a guided five-stage tasting in our gorgeous tasting room, which offers a full view into Crown Maple's hand bottling and sugar making operations.  

Enjoy a farm fresh meal or dessert designed and prepared especially for you by Crown Maple's Culinary Institute of America chef, expertly crafted from our personal collection of mouth-watering original recipes.

Shop our farm stand shop and take home freshly bottled syrup and other delicious treats, featuring exclusive Crown Maple creations, as well as bounty from farms and chefs all over The Hudson Valley.  Crown Maple's forest panorama at Madava Farms is a beautiful backdrop for an active and memorable group experience that is a highlight of every excursion.