Culinary Maple Tours and Tastings

Inside Crown Maple’s state-of-the-art sugarhouse you’ll trace the miles-long journey our organic maple sap travels in a day from tree to barrel.

Go behind the scenes and learn about the environmental variables and artisanal practices that make pure maple syrup one of the earth’s sweetest natural resources and how Crown Maple produces the exceptional maple products regarded as quite possibly the purest on earth.

This popular 60-minute sweet tour culminates in a guided 5 stage tasting in Madava’s Tap Holed Maple Tasting Room, which offers a full view into Crown Maple’s hand bottling and sugar making operations.

Tours run year-round most Saturdays and Sundays. Please note that we will be closed on July 4th, and will be offering free tours on July 5th in celebration of the holiday.

For inquiries about our tours and tastings, please contact Jamie Reece at or  (845) 877-5143.