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Maple syrup and Maple sugar are considered the healthier sugar.

All-natural, plant-based products created from nature demonstrating unique health benefits and higher nutritional
value than most other sweeteners. 

 These sweet benefits are present in 100% pure, organic Crown Maple syrup and sugar.

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Naturally GMO-free
and gluten-free


All-natural endurance booster gives muscles quick, easily absorbed energy to replenish and keep going


Replenishes nutrients for

muscle recovery 


Slow burning, sustained energy released at steady rate to fuel endurance activities

Low glycemic product that affects blood sugar to a lesser degree than sugar or honey. Pure maple syrup has a glycemic index of 54


Might help prevent Alzheimer’s disease by protecting the brain cells against the rogue proteins that destroy memory

Helps promote heart health

Helps reduce the risk of cancer
and diabetes

Rich in antioxidants that strengthen the immune system


Could help fight antibiotic
resistant bacteria


Supports men’s reproductive health


Aids in the ability to lower inflammation


Eco-friendly, supports sustainable forestry and counteracting affects of climate change

Pure maple syrup contains 54 beneficial compounds, five of which have
never before been 
seen in nature which might help prevent

Pure maple is created in a self-sustaining, natural environment that provides many benefits as a plant-based product.


Pure maple does more than just add
layers of sweetness and depth of flavor, it is also rich in antioxidants and low glycemic.


1. Crown Maple has gathered together these summary highlights to help support the ongoing research into the exciting benefits of maple syrup and maple sugar. Plant-based foods continue to demonstrate amazing benefits, especially when they replace more highly processed and refined foods. Highlight details were summarized and simplified from multiple sources, with often overlapping and supporting results, including:


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