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Crown Maple sets a new royal standard for pure, organic maple in terms of quality, purity and taste by pairing the best nature has to offer® with artisan craftsmanship and breakthrough processing techniques.

Driven by a passion for purity and vision to showcase the premium, Grade A qualities of maple, Crown Maple pioneered advanced maple sap processing technologies that purify and preserve the maple sap in its most natural form to deliver a premium, artisan quality in the final product. 


Selection of Quality 100% Pure, Organic Maple Syrup

100% pure organic Grade A maple syrups, exceptionally crafted, estate produced and artisan quality. The artisan quality maple syrup benefits from proprietary, state-of-the-art technology that creates an exceptional, premium quality maple syrup.

Golden Color Delicate Taste

Amber Color Rich Taste 

Dark Color Robust Taste

Very Dark Color Strong Taste

Our Amber colored and Golden syrup has a full-bodied and rich flavor. This grade is great as a topping and in coffee & tea. Dark  and Very Dark colors embody a stronger and darker than the lighter grades, this has a robust and substantial flavor that is ideal for grilled, glazed, or baked dishes.

Artisan Infused Organic Maple Syrup

We took our 100% pure organic Grade A maple syrups, and brought them to the next level. The Crown Maple Artisan Infused organic maple syrup goes well beyond the breakfast table and becomes a highly versatile ingredient great for flavoring and sweetening coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, fruits, desserts and in place of simple syrup for mixology. 

Cinnamon Infused

Bourbon Barrel Aged  

Applewood Smoked 

Madagascar Vanilla Infused

This plant-based sweetener is healthier than regular sugar, is packed with antioxidants and is low glycemic. Estate-produced at our organic family farm in NY’s Hudson Valley. The Crown Maple Artisan infused products are also a unique and distinctive specialty food gift.

MA-12 Amber Color Lifestyle Yogurt Top Fruits.jpg

Fruit Infused Organic Maple Syrup

We start with exceptionally-crafted, estate-produced, 100% pure, select-quality organic maple syrup. We then infuse a reduction of select ripe organic blueberry or strawberry. The result is a deliciously distinctive maple syrup with the aromas and fresh-fruit flavors of summer.

Organic Strawberry Infused

Organic Blueberry Infused

Unlike most fruit syrups, Crown Maple Organic Strawberry and Blueberry Maple Syrup is made only with pure maple syrup. There’s no cane sugar and no corn syrup. Just 2 simple organic ingredients – maple syrup and fruit — so you experience the real taste of maple and fruit. Strawberries and Blueberries are sweet and fresh, but also have amazing health benefits! They naturally deliver vitamins, fiber and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols. Strawberries are among the top 20 fruits and are a great source of manganese, while blueberries packed with vitamin C and high in potassium, making them a top choice for daily consumption. 

Crown Maple Sugar

Crown Maple Sugar is organic and rich in natural antioxidants and provides a healthy alternative to classic granulated sugar and highly processed sweeteners. Crown Maple sugar is made in small-batches with an artisan process of boiling their estate-produced maple syrup to remove the remaining moisture, then mixing and sifting the crystallized maple sugar.Ideal for use in coffee, tea, baked goods and cocktail mixology, maple sugar adds complexity and richness to a variety of recipes. To replace cane sugar with Crown Maple, use one cup maple sugar for one cup cane.

Organic Maple Sugar

Maple Pearl, Nuggets of Maple Sugar

Maple Pearls are nuggets of organic 100% pure Crown Maple sugar. Like our granulated maple sugar, Maple Pearls are organic and rich in antioxidants. They bring bursts of rich, crunchy, maple sweetness to homemade pancakes, baked goods, toast, oatmeal and more. Use them as a maple “crumble” to top muffins or breads, sprinkle over icing on cookies, or mix them into a batter to get bursts of maple sweetness as you bite into baked goods. Presented in an elegant glass jar.

Organic Maple Sugar Pancake and Waffle 

This one-of-a-kind combination elevates classic pancakes with the distinctively rich taste that only real maple can provide. Enjoy incredibly flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes & waffles anytime you like. Crown Maple Organic Maple Sugar Pancake and Waffle Mix with handcrafted Maple Sugar and small-batch Maple Pearls is our newest offering. Have some fun and play around with different recipes. See below our favorite biscuit, waffle and scone recipes all using the same Maple Sugar Pancake Mix! The maple sugar adds the perfect touch of sweetness to any recipe you prepare! Want it extra sweet? Add a drizzle of our artisan syrups.

DA-12 Dark Color Lifestyle French Toast Pour Shot.jpg

Maple-Infused Condiments

Estate-Produced, Small-Batch, Gourmet Products. For this small-batch creation we partnered with Horseshoe Brand, a handcrafted hot sauce from NY’s Hudson Valley. They blend the tantalizing sweet of Crown Maple with hot red cayenne pepper and rich, smoky chipotle to create an entrancing hot sauce. A crowning touch for all your foods. All the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar with the tantalizing sweet of Crown Maple syrup. Our estate-produced, artisan production techniques craft an enticingly great tasting, well-balanced, tangy-sweet, healthy super-liquid for great tasting beverages and food. Apple Cider Vinegar aids in lowering cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and antioxidant effects.

Apple Cider Maple Vinegar

Signature Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette

Maple Cayenne Hot Sauce

Crown Maple Spice Rub

Our Apple Cider Vinegar, Crown Maple Vinaigrette and Horseshoe hot sauce are  kickin' on chicken & waffles, wings and to spice up a salad. Flavorful topping for hot dogs, chicken, pork Use as dip or topping sauce for seafood & vegetables Mix with sour cream, cream cheese, and condiments for new flavor experiences Use hot sauce as a salsa for chips & crackers. 

Maple Glazed Nuts

Maple glazed nuts is our newest maple celebration, the perfect balance between savory and sweet flavor. Unlike other glazed nuts that use low quality, highly processed sugars, Crown Maple glazed nuts are lightly sweetened only with 100% pure, organic maple syrup and our handcrafted, small-batch organic maple sugar. Because we bake in small-batches, our maple syrup & maple sugar caramelize with the roasted nuts releasing deep, rich layers of flavors. Perfect for grab-and-go healthy snacking to curb an appetite or use for a charcuterie board. 


Almond, Cashews & Pecans

Sriracha Maple Cashews 

Maple Cashew Coconut

Crown Maple Salami Sticks

Crown Maple Salami Stick from Schaller & Weber masterfully blends the rich flavors of dry-cured salami with the signature touch and natural sweetness of Crown Maple sugar, enhanced by a hint of hickory smoke. Seeking to make their classic recipe more accessible, Schaller & Weber aimed to create a line of convenient, affordable grab-and-go products. By incorporating maple syrup into their time-honored salami recipes, they’ve crafted an innovative line of Crown Maple salami sticks.

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