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Crown Maple® Maple in a Minute STACKED WAFFLE BEC&H

The bacon, egg & cheese sandwich is one of the originals in breakfast and brunch fare. We’ve turned this classic into the ultimate brunch sandwich with a balance of sweet and savory by adding our Crown Maple Glazed Bacon crafted with our Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged organic maple syrup, and crispy hash brown patties. Stack it high between golden brown toasted waffles and watch your guests revel in this delicious sandwich!

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I can't wait to try waffles instead of bread for a change. The combination of sweet and savory Buildnow GG flavors sounds delicious, and the hash browns add a nice textural contrast.


Crown Maple® Maple in a Minute STACKED WAFFLE BEC&H is like crafting a writing personal statements for residency; each layer combines seamlessly to create a perfect blend of flavors. Just as I carefully construct my career aspirations and experiences into a compelling narrative, these waffles intertwine maple goodness to form a harmonious breakfast symphony. Both are an artful balance of ingredients, delivering satisfying results.

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